Monthly Specials

Our Monthly Special Menu is where culinary creativity meets the beloved tradition of churros. Every month, we introduce exciting new items that are carefully crafted to surprise and delight our customers.


We love to push the boundaries of what churros can be, so that’s why we are constantly exploring new ingredients and techniques to bring fresh, exciting flavors to the table. 


Find special and limited items each month

A month guided by the taste of…

Blueberry Cheesecake

cheesecake ice cream cone | $9.50

cheesecake ice cream, blueberry white chocolate, dulce de leche, sliced almonds

cheesecake parfait | $12

churro bites, cheesecake ice cream, blueberry sauce, blueberries, nutella

cheesecake ice cream sandwich | $10

churro, cheesecake ice cream, blueberry cheesecake sauce

blueberry cheesecake stuffed churro | $5.50 

mini stuffed churro box | $23

nutella, dulce de leche, blueberry cheesecake

matcha lavender iced latte | $7.50

churro avocado toast | $7.50

churro, mashed avocado, fried egg

Enjoy this special menu until July 31st

& stay tuned for upcoming specials!