Deals at La Churreria

Special deals at La Churreria.

In Spain, it is tradition for someone in the family to buy churros and chocolate on every Sunday morning and then bring them back home to share with their loved ones. Sharing is what makes churros special. Now, we want to share that tradition with you.
Pick up your churros and enjoy them…
…at home, on the train, at the office or walking down the street.

Tuesday to Friday Specials (2pm – 6pm)

Salty Spanish Hour $12

– Beer or Sangria
– Choice of: Mixto Completo / Two Empanadas (any flavor available) / Pan con Tomate and Manchego
– Two Churros and chocolate

Sweet Spanish Hour $9

– Tea, Coffee or Horchata
– Choice of one: 5 Churros and chocolate / Churro cup (any from the menu)

Saturday & Sunday Specials (10am – 2pm)

Brunch Special

– Beer or Sangria
– Soup of the day
– Choice of one breakfast sandwich from the menu