5 Churros Plain $4
10 Churros $7
15 Churros $10
Small Hot Chocolate $3
Large Hot Chocolate $5

Churros Combo

5 Churros +
Small Chocolate $7
10 Churros +
Large Chocolate $11

Stuffed Churros – $3.50

single churros with filling

Dulce de Leche
Passion Fruit

Churros Cups – $8

Sunday Funday

coffee cream, hot chocolate,
whipped cream, cocoa nibs

Banana Cup

banana puree mixed with condensed milk, ganache, strawberry compote, color shavings

Melba Cup

mango puree, strawberry sauce,
whipped cream, mixed nuts

Strawberry Cup

dulce de leche, strawberry compote, whipped cream, chocolate shavings

Tres Leches Cup

tres leches, pure mango, chocolate
mousse, cocoa nibs